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Since April 2002   Released Monthly
Fae's Tarot Fancies' Newsy Bits
Hello! Welcome to Fae's Tarot Fancies, a completely free monthly Tarot newsletter. Please feel free to browse past issues in the archive. Issues will appear in the archive when the next edition is released.

In the upcoming issues, look for articles from other Tarot authors in addition to myself, on a variety of Tarot related topics. A free three card reading will be published here each month as well. To qualify for a reading in Fae's Tarot Fancies, all you have to do is subscribe. A drawing is held each month. If you have a more immediate concern, please order a reading from Tarot by Fae.


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Monthly Angel Blessing

Each month you will find an Angel Blessing in Fae's Tarot Fancies. Subscribe for monthly inspiration.


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